Lakewood Farm feels that our horses are family, therefore we offer a family atmosphere. There are many folks who would love to own a horse if only they had a place to put it. We offer peace of mind with a well planned turn out & feeding schedule. 

Your horse (s) will be in the safest fencing available Eletrobraid. Automatic watering as well as tanks. Our farm is  great for the trail lover.  

Because of the extra care we have limited openings for full time boarding. Monthly boarding fees are very reasonable for basic care. (Stallions, Mares in foal or with a foal are extra.) Included in this fee is twice daily feeding and unlimited turn out.

Horses are closely monitored. Our goal is to have a closenit friendly / family oriented  farm. Therefore only having a handful of boarders that can work well together.

Take a stroll along the creek. The 8 miles of trails at Lakewood has rolling hills that are great for conditioning an endurance / event horse.

 Also a variety of trails leaving from the farm. We are close to two state parks. Kings Mt. State park is only 15 minutes away and Wood's Ferry 30 minutes away. 

 Located in Smyrna, SC just off  HWY. 5 .  Just 12 minutes off I-85. A close commute from Rock Hill, Clover , Gastonia and Charlotte, NC.


                                  Boarding Agreement
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